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  • 1. What do you like most about internet memes?

    Internet memes are such a fascinating ongoing phenomenon. Their relatability, versatility and creativity have enhanced my ability to connect with people and make new friends. 

    It amuses me that memes are often seen as frivolous and unimportant, when actually memes have the ability to speak on serious topics in an effective and critical manner. The influence of internet memes on society and politics and as cultural expression is being recognized more and more. I am super excited about that! 

  • 2. What would you predict for the future of internet memes?

    I always said that internet memes would one day be seen in museums and I am grateful to have been able to fulfill part of that prophecy. As is the nature of internet memes, they will keep evolving in unexpected ways. 

    Their adaptability will be a key factor for the longevity and the future of the phenomenon. Who knows what the memescape will look like in one year, let alone in ten or twenty? As an underdog discipline in academia, I am excited to see where internet meme studies will go! 

  • 3. What is your favorite internet meme?

    It’s really difficult to pick a favorite, but I’m really into cat memes, Spongebob memes and of course climate change memes! I also make my own memes with pictures of my friends and family. 

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  • Master thesis of Victoria Verkerk. ‘Memes and Memories: Imaginaries of Climate Change and the Future’: >> LINK

You can contact Victoria via LinkedIn to read and talk more about climate memes. Or follow her Instagram accounts for cultural heritage memes (@haha_heritage) and climate memes (@haha_climate).

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